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With at least a dozen wildfires burning in California right now, it's hard to keep track of exactly what's going on.

At Vanessa’s Bistro in Berkeley, owner Vi Nguyen recently encountered a customer who stood in her kitchen doorway to yell at her after a server made a simple mistake.  “Not talk, yell,” Nguyen emphasized.

Nguyen isn’t the only restaurant owner to notice a change in customers’ behavior post-reopening.   “I’ve been seeing a huge rise in people just forgetting to be human,” said Mina Makram, founder of Palo Alto bakery Misfits Bakehouse.

It may feel to customers that the pandemic is over and restaurants should be completely back to normal. In reality, many restaurants are still feeling the effects of the global crisis. Read more:

After a string of COVID-19 infections were reportedly traced back to travelers returning from Las Vegas, one county in Hawaii is sounding the alarm on travel to the Sin City.

Kristin Smart hasn't been seen since disappearing on the walk to her dorm on Memorial Day weekend 1996.

When Ukraine's athletes entered the Olympic stadium, MBC showed a photo of Chernobyl.

The blaze is burning about 250 miles northeast of San Francisco.


For bird-watching enthusiasts and amateur naturalists across the Bay Area, backyard feeders have provided a sense of solace and a much-needed connection with the outdoors. But the @CaliforniaDFW  is urging residents to take them down as soon as possible.

Storm-producing fire clouds threw out hundreds of thousands of lightning strikes over wildfire-stricken British Columbia and northwestern Alberta provinces in Canada Wednesday and Thursday, bewildering meteorologists. 

Being protected from COVID-19 is the most obvious benefit of getting vaccinated, but here's another one: free doughnuts. Starting Monday, anyone who shows proof of vaccination at Krispy Kreme will receive a free glazed doughnut.

Bay Area sky turns bright orange, some areas see 'snowing' ash

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The state of California launched a new program Friday that gives the residents the opportunity to get vaccinated by volunteering to help get others inoculated at sites across the state.

At the beginning of what's expected to be a record-breaking wildfire season in California, a photo of a firefighter who has battled flames in Big Sur's Willow Fire is becoming a symbol of the foreboding 2021 wildfire season.

This year the fuel-moisture content across the Santa Cruz Mountains is terrifyingly low as the state moves out of a second, consecutive rainy season marked by dry conditions. The 2020-2021 winter was the third driest on record.