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  3. the rebels are taking the trophy back to oxford!!! final: @olemissfb 31, no. 14 mississippi state 28
The Rebels are taking the trophy back to Oxford!!!

FINAL: @OleMissFB 31, No. 14 Mississippi State 28
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The Rebels are taking the trophy back to Oxford!!!

FINAL: @OleMissFB 31, No. 14 Mississippi State 28


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Multi-title events are BACK! We're heading to New Orleans on July 13-15!

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See you in the Big Easy, @Xbox.

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We all see the same #WorldCup pictures, but the commentaries are very different around the world, as the guys discuss: 🌎

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Happens to the best of us: Brandon Morrow is out with back spasms from taking his pants off. 😬
Born in the 80s. The #adidas Continental 80s are back! Launching 6/21 In-Store and Online!
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Dayton Moore is confident in the #Royals process since winning the 2015 World Series: "We are going to build this thing back up."
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The U.S. leaving the UN Human Rights Council reflects the posture and policies of this administration. It shouldn’t be a surprise, but another sign that we are in a state of emergency. Wake up. Do justice. Research issues. Advocate for good. Use your voice. Pay attention.
Before tonight’s game, told Brandon Guyer that my son (shown just before taking one in the back) wears No. 6, uses an Axe bat and keeps getting hit by the pitch. “So, like me 20 years ago,” Guyer said with a laugh.

Brandon Guyer was hit by a pitch in his first at-bat tonight.
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