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Looking for seats? This low-speed train in China allows farmers to take their livestock onboard.

Russia orders troop pullback, but keeps weapons near Ukraine

The Taasheer folk dance is performed in the western Saudi Arabian province of Taif. Dancers load their guns with gunpowder without bullets, before taking centre stage to showcase their dancing skills.

Have you ever seen a flying QR code? 1,500 drones formed one in the sky in Shanghai.

Toy guns at Hong Kong police open day miss target

US Senate passes hate crimes bill after attacks on Asian-Americans

SPACs are one of the hottest things in the financial world now, but what exactly are they?

Taiwan is experiencing its worst drought in 56 years, and it's threatening the global semiconductor supply chain.


Bust a move – with your school principal. ?

After Thai police arrested 21 protesters, remaining demonstrators chanted at the king’s passing motorcade: “Release our friends!”

Many people peddle souvenirs to tourists for a living. Not many can do it in 12 languages.

What happened to an overworked doctor at a hospital in China

A man in China left 500 face masks at a police station - then jogged off before officers could thank him

South Korea has set up 'phone booths' that can test people for the #coronavirus  in just 7 minutes. The country has earned praise for its mass testing amid the #Covid19  pandemic.

After being reduced to tears by a driver, this toll booth worker was determined to continue with a smile on her face.

Using mind-bending visual effects, this Chinese man can turn anything into a 'magic' trick.

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam has announced that her government will formally withdraw the controversial extradition bill.