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Biden marshalls diplomatic troops to counter falling polls at one-year mark

Hong Kong’s Fenwick Pier, which has welcomed foreign navy ships and sailors for decades, will be shut down on February 11.

New #podcast : Beijing's zero-Covid policy collides with #CNY , Winter Olympics and Omicron while #HongKong  orders hamsters dead and its bars and restaurants closed after 6pm

To reduce rising rates of childhood obesity and the stress of excess study, China is bringing former Olympic Games athletes to school gymnasiums.

Hong Kong’s banking talent shortage worsened by zero-Covid rules must be urgently addressed, industry association says

Want to lose that holiday weight? From whole foods to water: 8 tips to trim down safely – and keep the kilos off

China rolls out policies to promote green consumption in sectors ranging from food and clothing to transport and renewable energy

‘Bat Out of Hell’ rock superstar Meat Loaf dies aged 74

China GDP: city in eastern Anhui province facing ‘win or die’ situation after economy failed to grow in 2021


Bust a move – with your school principal. ?

Many people peddle souvenirs to tourists for a living. Not many can do it in 12 languages.

What happened to an overworked doctor at a hospital in China

A man in China left 500 face masks at a police station - then jogged off before officers could thank him

After Thai police arrested 21 protesters, remaining demonstrators chanted at the king’s passing motorcade: “Release our friends!”

South Korea has set up 'phone booths' that can test people for the #coronavirus  in just 7 minutes. The country has earned praise for its mass testing amid the #Covid19  pandemic.

After being reduced to tears by a driver, this toll booth worker was determined to continue with a smile on her face.

Using mind-bending visual effects, this Chinese man can turn anything into a 'magic' trick.

An art student did an experiment for her graduation project: attempting to live 21 days for free in Beijing. Her project sparked discussion about class, privilege, and inequality.