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VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger seems happy to have escaped Dell’s clutches. https://t.co/fFz51uNNpK
The CEO of the $8 billion company that escaped Dell's grasp says that Michael Dell is 'cheering us on' https://t.co/vI3xyOUjyz
Apple swapped all of its executives' headshots for emoji on its official website https://t.co/xJZDJgNfRq
This $1.26 billion company made a big bet on Google over Microsoft for 10,000 employees four years ago, and it never looked back (@BIPrime) https://t.co/PCqIal9Let
A reporter went undercover as a Facebook moderator and found the firm is failing to delete shocking child abuse and racism https://t.co/uxgW5wJqFz
A $15 billion e-cig startup that’s taking over the US is moving into London https://t.co/16dSRSnG2j
For $260 a night, you can stay in this Boeing 727 airplane-turned-hotel suite perched 50 feet high in Costa Rica — take a look inside https://t.co/TGpfgntUH8
Amazon is having a technical meltdown that's left Alexa and its AWS cloud service reeling on its biggest shopping day of the year https://t.co/pC3YsgosCR
A top executive at $5 billion Slack explains the secret weapon to fight off Microsoft and Facebook https://t.co/muZOddHcYJ
Uber hasn't had a chief financial officer since 2015, and its CEO just admitted that it's been a struggle to fill the role https://t.co/FI1p7uCW36
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