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The parent company of MoviePass just gave another indication that shareholders are balking at its plan to reverse split its stock https://t.co/5UVssYrVSm
The video game industry is going to have a very happy holiday season — these 6 charts show why (@BIPrime) https://t.co/AWxtES99cG
Tesla is finally making a lower-cost Model 3 https://t.co/kJbM68elRO
YouTube has a new plan for the music industry: let's make up and make it rain instead of fighting https://t.co/SWoczV85jm
Some publishers blame Facebook for destroying jobs with inaccurate metrics, but others say the industry should have known better https://t.co/S2tFgcl93C
A former Equifax manager just got sentenced for insider trading after making $75,000 off of its massive data breach https://t.co/X6IpSCB0Tk
The game developer behind 'Grand Theft Auto' and 'Red Dead Redemption' is embroiled in an ongoing controversy — here's what's been going on https://t.co/41XPLVhYNJ
OnePlus is having some terrible luck with scheduling the launch of its latest smartphone https://t.co/Q6TjZ9WQ6V
This CEO just got millions of dollars in funding to help you automate the most boring and mundane parts of your life https://t.co/gVzGIwHPGX
This card-sized smartphone may be world's thinnest and lightest ever made https://t.co/bihGN3YeqF
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