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The key to fostering a culture of technology innovation at your company is to listen and learn, Hyatt's CCO says- Presented by @DellTech 

A startup paid a Facebook product designer $50,000 to quit her job and launch her own crypto-literacy platform

Priscilla Chan joins executive board of the Reform Alliance alongside Jay-Z, Meek Mill, Van Jones, and others

A startup helping college esports teams recruit players has made 2 acquisitions to grow its tournament business

Here's an exclusive look at the pitch deck counterfeit detection startup MarqVision used to raise a $5 million seed round from SoftBank and Y Combinator

Intel is investing $20 billion to build chip factories, but investors worry it will take too long to pay off

Microsoft's LinkedIn shutdown in China is a cautionary tale for US tech companies following Reid Hoffman's playbook on how to survive in the country

Luke Bonner had dreams of playing in the NBA. But now, he's the founder of PWRFWD, a startup that's helping athletes make money.

A crypto VC known as 'SEVEN' founded a company that can prevent Big Tech from gathering data on you. Here's how he's trying to create an uncensored internet.

I tried Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's work hack and meditated twice a day. I felt noticeably less stressed after just 15 minutes.


The esports and gaming category is one of the biggest in digital media — and also one that faces a lack of gender diversity. Meet some of the women breaking through in the gaming world.👇

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The fraud trial for Elizabeth Holmes, founder of blood-testing startup Theranos, begins today. Holmes and former COO Ramesh Balwani are accused of defrauding investors, doctors, and patients. Here’s everything you need to know. 👇

Researchers found and bought more than 500,000 Zoom passwords on the dark web for less than a cent each

This CEO was misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia when it was menopause. Now her startup hopes to create a $600 billion menopause market, backed by female VCs.

Trump reps reportedly told Parler he'd become an active member of the right-wing platform if it banned his critics, but it refused

Tesla, a big name in the Tech world, also has a solar division, Tesla Energy. One couple launched a lawsuit against the company after problems with their panels forced them out of their home. Insider spoke to the couple about their experience.👇🏼

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Facebook says it doesn't read WhatsApp messages, but an investigation found it actually does

OnlyFans is reportedly in talks to raise new funding at a valuation above $1 billion, as it plots a move away from adult content to become more mainstream

Elon Musk overtakes Jeff Bezos as the world's richest person thanks to Tesla's surging stock