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I'm the guy who does his job. You must be the other guy.

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WATCH: "I always defend State Dept. employees," Sec. Pompeo asserts when asked for a second time Monday about his lack of public defense for State Dept. employees, like former Amb. Yovanovitch, who are testifying in the House impeachment hearings.

President Trump and Fed Chair Powell met today to discuss a variety of economic issues, including growth, employment trends and inflation.

A lot of gun rights supporters claim that gun rights would help protesters in countries like Iran or Hong Kong succeed. In fact I think it's the opposite. Widespread gun ownership seems more likely to turn peaceful protests into violent protests, which have lower odds of success.

With China’s economy slowing, many experts believe the US has more leverage to negotiate favorable terms to end the trade war. But Chinese consumers continue to spend, despite the Trump administration’s tariffs, and companies are reporting robust earnings.

BREAKING: Senior Trump admin. official Mina Chang resigns 6 days after an @NBC News report about her resume inflation, and hours after NBC News asked her about newly discovered false claims.

US says Israeli settlements on West Bank are not illegal

Why is sex education so broken in America? And is a sex ed chatbot built by @PpFfa  really the solution? Find out on the latest episode of Reset with host @ArielleDRoss :

Highlight: "China says the top negotiators had a call over the weekend and it was constructive," @JessicaASmith8  says about U.S.-China trade talks. "The tariffs and the ag purchases seem to be the sticking point. That's what the problem is, according to some reports."

The House will vote tomorrow on a continuing resolution to fund government through December 20. We must use this additional time to fully fund the government before the end of the year.