Majesty Duke British / Matt Holyoak Camera Press / Drawing Windsor Castle

The portraits of Her Majesty and The Duke were taken by British photographer Matt Holyoak of Camera Press, in the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle earlier this month. (2/3)

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Majesty Duke British / Matt Holyoak Camera Press / Drawing Windsor Castle

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NEW: In 2016, TRUMP pledged to drain the swamp. But he's created a new swamp. The latest evidence: the recording of the 4/30/18 @AmericaFirstPAC  donor event. We got the list of invitees, & we linked them to donations + policy arguments on the recording.

Birthday wishes to Meghalaya’s Chief Minister Mr. @SangmaConrad . Wishing him a long and healthy life in service of the people.

She's finally being held accountable for her nonsense.

@BernieSanders  said his fortunes in the Iowa will be known "very early" on caucus night. It boils down to this: "If the voter turnout is small and low we lose. If the voter turnout is high, we’re going to win," he says tonight in Sioux City before heading back to Washington.

Alan Dershowitz: "It's important for the senators to hear my view, it's a dissenting view, it's a minority view, I think it's the correct view."

Adam Schiff Accused Trump Of Trying To Threaten Him — But Nancy Pelosi Used The Same Phrase On Senate Republicans

You try to explain to your kid who Kobe was, why people are sad, his path from local phenom who her uncle played pickup ball with to LA Superstar. You answer questions and try to be honest. The through-line is he kept trying to become a better person & he was a great dad. RIP

While the threat to the American public remains low, HHS should follow CDC’s proactive lead: Declare a public health emergency for coronavirus. This will unlock millions of dollars for CDC to support the agency’s ongoing response to protect public health.

The historian Karl Polanyi believed that the cruelty of the free market makes us vulnerable to fascism—a theory that is resonating again today.