Duchess Cornwall

?? The Duchess of Cornwall has attended several engagements this week in support of projects which promote reading for people all ages. An avid reader herself, HRH believes it is vital to support children and adults alike to develop an interest in the world of literacy.

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Duchess Cornwall

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Thank you @realDonaldTrump ⁩ for bringing troops home from Africa! Trump orders most American troops to leave Somalia

DACA is back, and our Dreamers are #HereToStay . Congratulations to everyone who fought their hearts out for this victory.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California certifies Joe Biden's victory, giving the Democrat more than the 270 electors needed to win the White House.

Come January, when new legislatures get seated, there will be four states where Democrats have supermajorities but marijuana isn’t legal: Delaware, Hawaii, New York, and Rhode Island.

Mike Pence is the coronavirus czar who confidently predicted in June that there wouldn’t be a second wave—and right now there a bunch of people mask-less waiting to go to a party at his house at the Naval Observatory on a day when more Americans died of COVID than did on 9/11

One more sign this Commander-in-Chief will leave the Pentagon in shambles. Experts are out. Politicos are in. January 20th can’t come soon enough.

The system where you form a Shadow Cabinet *before* the election and then if you win the transition takes like four hours seems a lot better.

"To be clear, Obama ordered the killing of people via drone whose names, whose identities, he did not always know, and could not be sure of.” On the @MehdiHasanShow  today, I took on Obama's drone legacy, as the ex-president continues his book tour. Watch:

Japan creates $19bn green fund to push hydrogen planes and carbon recycling