Champs / Super Bowl

@Chiefs  are once again AFC Champs, headed into Super Bowl strong! 💪💪 #RunItBack 

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Champs / Super Bowl

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Sen. Maggie Hassan wouldn’t answer when I asked her why she voted against an effort to raise wage to $15. “I have long been supportive of increasing the minimum wage,” she said. I asked her what was wrong with this one, and her aide interjected and said she’s late for a meeting

@SenSchumer  attacked me because I wanted the Senate to take the time to hear what was in his $1.9 trillion boondoggle. Now we’re stalled 4 hours and counting because he can’t get his act together?

What Joe Biden and the Democrats have presented is not a #COVID  relief bill – it is a pork bill.

I would like to thank the Senate clerks who read the $1.9 trillion bill yesterday. I know it was a big job and it’s unfortunate it took 11 hours. I finally got a hard copy of the bill about an hour into the reading and followed along the entire time.

Americans overwhelmingly support @#americanrescueplantbiden ’s'>PresEle #AmericanRescuePlantBiden ’s to put: 🩹Shots in arms 💵Money in pockets 🏫Children in schools 🛠People in jobs It’ #BuildBackBetter  time to

Dems knew this wasn’t about COVID relief/helping small businesses. Shameless attempt to fund their radical agenda & @PPFA  on the taxpayers’ backs. I was successful in preventing that from happening by stopping these funds to abortion mills. Read more:

Daily update: COVID-19 information (5 March 2021) ➡️

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@nicupopescu  . is the former Foreign Minister of Moldova. He is also a foreign policy intellectual. Looking across Western European foreign ministries participating in EU Foreign Affairs Council meetings, I wonder how many feel shamed or embarrassed.

If we want to raise the standard of living in the United States, we have to pay a living wage. Today I urged my colleagues to come together with a plan that can get us to a $15 federal minimum wage. This battle is not over yet.

We are not done fighting for a $15 minimum wage. American workers need and deserve a raise.