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  3. congratulations to #spiderverse (97%) for winning best animated feature at the #goldenglobes
Congratulations to #SpiderVerse (97%) for winning Best Animated Feature at the #GoldenGlobes
Congratulations to #SpiderVerse (97%) for winning Best Animated Feature at the #GoldenGlobes


Congratulations are in order for @KandraKPTV and her family: Kandra welcomed a son yesterday, on his due date! Welcome to the world, little one!
My old mentor @serwer reminisces about his times with Jack Bogle, the best friend investors ever had https://t.co/734nj2mXCh via @YahooFinance and a nice shout-out to my work reporting for him!
What to study and how to study it are more important than where to study it and for how long.

The best teachers are on the Internet. The best books, and the best peers, are on the Internet.

The tools for learning are abundant. It’s the desire to learn that’s scarce. —@naval
Link to snow reports page, thanks for helping us out! Looks like the Highway 40 corridor is winning. #cowx #utwx https://t.co/giCj6yI4dZ
.@NYCMayor on storm preps: “For all of us preparing, we take a very conservative approach. We assume the worst, not the best…. We have to be ready for anything that Mother Nature throws at us." https://t.co/gvfTRZaNAB
Transportation officials are still studying the best way forward for Route 28 improvements, so state funding is out of reach this year. https://t.co/NgOGucrJjU
South Walton will soon feature more than 100 artists from all over. Jordan McCool was live for a preview of the 10th Annual 30A Songwriters Festival. https://t.co/HFcihlwtA3
Welcome to the season premier of #BusinesscoachKE We have a great show lined up for you as we feature Janet Wangare an SME owner in the clothing business as well as Wandia Gichuru the co-founder of Vivo active wear. @KTNKenya @iandennisnetw@wandiagichuruo@mrsOng_ayir
A listener's guide to the best Brexit podcasts: @IanCooperEU @DCU_Brexit_Inst @dcu for @RTEBrainstorm on the best Brexit insights & perspectives available on podcast from all sides of the debate https://t.co/oGRppoERS8
Best part of my job @DuosIndy is when a person tries a new food for the first time and just loves it. Nathlie had never had a curry before until our Thai Coconut Red Curry, v g-f, and she came back for more today. Loaded with Bok Choy and veggies.
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