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Enough is enough. Get this guy off the field and, preferably, out of the league ASAP.

Marcus Mariota & Leonard Fournette have two of the all-time deceiving stat lines from last night. Hilarious.

We've reached phase 2 in which presumably Patriots fans no longer attempt to defend AB but instead just reply with "What about Tyreek Hill?". It's so sad.

Perfect audible vs. ideal defense + excellent blocks by Sanu & J. Matthews leads to the 54-yard game-winning TD for J. Jones vs. the Eagles. With #NFLGamePass  #NFLPartner  you can see this play dissected and how the Falcons avoided a 0-2 start. See more at

There's honestly no place like this place. @MSUBearsFB  vs. @ArmyWP_Football  on @CBSSportsNet  at Noon et.


Overtime coin toss winner winning % NFL: 52.7% CFB: 54.9% Please RT for the sake of humanity.

Annual Reminder: Guys playing in 4th preseason game tonight are likely the best football players EVER from their hometown. For most, tonight is last time they will ever put a helmet and shoulder pads on & by Saturday they'll realize their lifelong dream/goal did not come true.

Chiefs making a huge statement with their statement & action. This isn't an aging RB coming off bad year. This is their best chance to go to Super Bowl in 50 years. Doesn't matter. He's gone.

This is insane. 20% of the best 30 RBs in the NFL.

Imagine having Saquon & OBJ and still being terrible.

Antonio Brown quit on his teammates & exhibited highly erratic behavior and as a result got a $20M raise with $30M guaranteed. Great lesson for all the kids out there.

@Saints  center Max Unger hasn't comitted a penalty since Week 9 ... ... of 2016. 😮

Squeeze to take pay cut on Monday before camp ✓ Cut on Tuesday before camp ✓ One year into multi-year contract ✓ After breaking leg playing for them in playoffs in January ✓ But please tell me again about players needing to "honor" their contracts. 😂

Reuben Foster has been kicked out of the Combine, failed a drug test, & arrested twice since going pro but never got in trouble at Alabama? Bama either has the best support system of all time or does a great job keeping things quiet. Or both.

Bad throw but we have our first dildo.

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