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Huge loss for Berks County sports and my fandom. Brutal. So sorry man.

Part Two of the behind the scenes tour of my home studio features helmets, game balls, & the @PUTigerFootball  "hammer":

This is my least favorite global pandemic ever.

Kudos to my guy @dpshow  for being way ahead of everyone on this stuff yesterday.

If some conferences/schools end up playing this fall we're going to see a lot of "medical experts" thrown under the bus. One way or another.

@ProFootballTalk  "The good news might actually eventually become bad news. Maybe. Nobody really knows. But bad news is still possible, so stay tuned, bad news fans. "

A little controversy with @FG_Dolan  RB tiers on today's FANTASY FEAST podcast. Click, listen, and WIN:

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Chiefs making a huge statement with their statement & action. This isn't an aging RB coming off bad year. This is their best chance to go to Super Bowl in 50 years. Doesn't matter. He's gone.

SEC Logic: If an SEC team wins a bowl game it's because they're by far the best conference and thus better team. If an SEC team loses a bowl game it's because they "didn't care" about a bowl game that wasn't College Football Playoff. Incredible.

Overtime coin toss winner winning % NFL: 52.7% CFB: 54.9% Please RT for the sake of humanity.

Gronk didn't retire from football. He retired from Belichick. 🤷‍♂️

So much of what we think is important really isn't. At all.

Annual Reminder: Guys playing in 4th preseason game tonight are likely the best football players EVER from their hometown. For most, tonight is last time they will ever put a helmet and shoulder pads on & by Saturday they'll realize their lifelong dream/goal did not come true.

This is insane. 20% of the best 30 RBs in the NFL.

Imagine having Saquon & OBJ and still being terrible.

@Saints  center Max Unger hasn't comitted a penalty since Week 9 ... ... of 2016. ?