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If Congress believes that $600 a week is enough to live on they should GIVE UP THEIR SALARY FOR 3 months and tell people how they survived. Its obnoxious that people getting $174k a year (that's $14k a month, $3k a week) would vote against families getting $2k a month.

Grandmother, 92, dies with Covid-19 five days after her first vaccine before it had time to take effect

EXCLUSIVE: Britain's Got Talent set to be scrapped and not shown at all this year

Woman is jailed for breaking Covid rules after throwing ex's TV and furniture from top floor window

“We need to know where Republicans in the party stand one way or the other,” @MeghanMcCain  says. “Trying to vacillate between taking bothsidesism on impeachment and where you go forward with Trump leading the party or not is going to be very important.” 

50 years ago today, Charles Manson and three of his followers were convicted of murder. Read our 1970 cover story about the grisly murders, blockbuster trial, and the crimes that changed the counterculture forever

REMEMBERING LARRY KING: @WhoopiGoldberg , @MeghanMcCain  and @JoyVBehar  look back on their time with the broadcast legend who passed away Saturday morning at the age of 87.

Tom Brady's Dad Was Hospitalized for COVID in 2020, 'Matter of Life & Death'

Shutting schools during lockdown means 'a whole host of children have been lost to the pandemic', experts warn