Roger Highfield

Roger Highfield

Museum exec, writer & visiting prof at @Dunn_School and @UCLChemistry. Ex New Scientist Editor & Science Editor of The Daily Telegraph. Neutron bouncer

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Oghuz people along the Silk Road had pet cats more than 1,000 years ago, study by @UniHalle  shows

Just got my copy of What is Life?, a lovely little book by Paul Nurse of @TheCrick ! Looking forward to reading it...

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In the ocean twilight zone, giant larvaceans secrete and build marvellous mucus houses that can reach diameters of more than 1 m

How humans could hibernate - handy for long distance space exploration

Mathematical strategy that could transform #coronavirus  testing How pooling samples from many people can save time and resources (background on testing here: )

How plants make cellulose for strength and growth


M @SciencePorn : This man dressed in mentos was dropped in diet coke <most excellent idea

Astronomers have found another real-life version of Luke Skywalker's home planet Tatooine from "Star Wars"...

#Coronavirus science: my round up of the current state of knowledge and ignorance about #COVID19 

"Zombie ant fungus" that imanipulates ant behaviour accomplishes feat *without* infecting brains - it surrounds and invades muscle fibers to form a 3-D control network, like a puppeteer. Cripes!

Sugar industry paid scientists in 60s to play down link between sugar and heart disease and blame fat instead

Fascinating. He injected a billion mitochondria, in about a quarter of a teaspoon of fluid. Within two days, the baby had a normal heart, strong and beating quickly. “It was amazing,” Dr. Emani said.

Correlation or causation? Links between gut microbes and depression strengthened