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The official home of Rockstar Games on Twitter. Publishers of such popular games as Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne, Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire, Bully & more.

Latest Scoops

Visit @GameStop for a special holiday offer
on L.A. Noire for the Nintendo Switch.

You can also now listen to songs from the new GTAV radio station, blonded – and from other music stations from across the Los Santos radio dial at our newly launched Rockstar Games curator destination on @AppleMusic: https://t.co/84hEuP89I8
Now through Thursday, December 21 get 40% off select games and all gear and collectibles during the Rockstar Warehouse Holiday Sale: https://t.co/SrCWfx4hhC
A taste of the new GTAV radio station:
blonded Los Santos 97.8

Hosted by Frank Ocean
+ Vegyn, Roof Access and Fed

Savory soul, hip-hop and deep cuts
Feat. SWV, Chief Keef, Todd Rundgren, Curtis Mayfield, Aphex Twin, JME, Jay-Z, Migos, Marvin Gaye & more.
The Doomsday Heist brings access to the ultimate in weaponry: from the futuristic fury of the Khanjali tank, to the long-awaited madness of the Mammoth Thruster personal jetpack, you’ll have everything you need to bring down a small army.
All of The Doomsday Heist missions have Elite Challenge objectives and for the perfectionists, the CRIMINAL MASTERMIND challenges are back across all three acts of the heist for teams of 2, 3 or 4 players + a brand new suite of Achievements & Trophies.
Each of the three massive Heist acts in the story of THE DOOMSDAY HEIST involve negotiating multiple ruthless Freemode prep missions, tactical setup operations, and experimental weapons & vehicles - each ending with an over-the-top finale and a big payoff https://t.co/FbXa6wmA5p
A vertical take-off, turreted, flying fortress / experimental weapons lab in the sky / death-spitting collateral damage producer that practically flies itself.

THE AVENGER is all these things and more.

Part of #GTAOnline The Doomsday Heist: https://t.co/FbXa6wmA5p
Have your own Strike Team on call, or an Orbital Cannon capable of immolating any patch of ground that incurs your wrath.

Less a weapon of last resort and more the ultimate revenge, served ice cold.

#GTAOnline The Doomsday Heist out now: https://t.co/FbXa6wmA5p
Nefarious outside forces are working on a plan so diabolical it could end life as we know it.

Lester Crest is tasked with assembling a team deadly enough – and crazy enough – to do what it takes.

#GTAOnline The Doomsday Heist now available to play: https://t.co/FbXa6wmA5p
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