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Much to discuss this Thursday morn @GMA  a complete wrap-up of last night's #Democratic  debate...and the incredible recovery for #Nascar  driver @RyanJNewman . @ReeveWill  has the latest on his release from the hospital after that horrifying crash at the #Daytona500 

Always look forward to having @DianeSawyer  join us in the studio @GMA . This morn she's bringing us her sitdown with Oscar-winning actor @BenAffleck ...opening up about his struggles and how he found hope next.

Coming up @GMA  more on our #ExtraordinaryEarth  series. After @Ginger_Zee  took us to #VictoriaFalls  to show us the effects of a climate whiplash.. @bworley  has a look at how you can help back here at home.

#GlamFam and I always look forward to hearing what you are most grateful for on this #ThankfulThursday ...would someone please remind Petula that it’s also #HappyFridayEve 💃🏾

The force is strong with us because #BabyYoda  is in #TimesSquare ! We have the newest and cutest member of the Star Wars galaxy in an exclusive @themandalorian  reveal next on @GMA !

It might be a bit cold outside...but @toryjohnson  has a special #DealsAndSteals  to keep you warm. That's coming up this morn @GMA 

Thankfully my sister Sally-Ann was a match for my bone marrow transplant but a family member is only a match about 30% of the time. If you're in need of a transplant...registries like #BeTheMatch  are key. A young man is on a mission...using his story as a call to action next @GMA 

When I was taking photos after the show today an audience member reminded me that I returned to goodmorningamerica 7years ago today following my bone marrow transplant. So thoughtful of her to do that and I honestly…

Sweet Amber & I are grateful to my #glamfam  for this thoughtful gift...a private chef (chefnancie )to prepare a special dinner for us at home! I’ll share deets tonight on my IG story.😋 #ThankfulThursday  @ Upper West…

Our thnx to #glamfam  & chefnancie for a scrumptious dinner & fun evening! Wishing all a #HappyFriday  & #BlessedWeekend . On the flight home today from my speaking engagement I’ll be thinking of the delicious leftovers…


I’ll never forget what #Kobe  shared with us on @GMA ...when I asked him if he missed basketball he said something that really stayed with me...that there’s a difference between what you do and who you are ?? We honor his life and legacy in our special tribute next @ABC  and @espn 

We're so honored that the biggest boy band on the planet is making their US morning television debut here ! Their wonderful & devoted fans...the ... #BTSArmyppreciate  their music & message and they've been camped outside our studios all night. A special morning with #BTSonGMA 

We're thrilled to have #BTS  here ! They're global superstars whose massive hit ha #Idol  more than 200 million views online...they'll perform it LIVE for the first time on US morning television right here in Times Square next ...Army I #BTSArmynow  you're ready! onG #BTSonGMAA 

Now it’s time for the moment many have been waiting for…K-Pop super group @BTS_twt  getting ready to perform their record smashing songs #BoywithLuv  and #FIRE  next on @GMA !

Are you ready for a party in the park?! We're sliding into summer with kicking off our summer concert series. Stick around because we'll have the rest of our lineup this morn with one special of the performers will join us LIVE in our next hour!

Coming up this Wednesday morn k-pop sensation @BTS_twt  is back! One of the biggest boy bands on the planet is returning to @GMA  to kick off the 2019 Summer Concert Series. Fans have been waiting in line for days to see this performance…you don’t want to miss it! #BTSonGMA 

The talented and fabu is stopping by this morn with an important announcement about a cause that's close to her heart. I'm "confident" you're going to want to hear what she has to say

One of my fav quotes: “Never let success get to your head. Never let failure get to your heart.” #WednesdayWisdom  ❤️

Before @taylorswift13  performs three of her hit songs…we’re taking a look back over the years at our favorite moments with the 10-time Grammy winner. Excited to chat with her LIVE coming up @GMA !

At a time like this it's hard to find the words...thank you Robin Williams for the laughter and so much more. Prayers for his family. #RIP