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Scroll down to the graphic about how chickens are processed... "Next, mechanical rubber fingers pluck the feathers …… a process that also dislodges feces and massages dirty water into the now-open follicles."

NEW: CO's governor paid 0 in federal income tax in multiple years WV's governor paid little or 0 almost every year since 2000 Rick Scott + Betsy DeVos used loopholes to avoid estate tax Darrell Issa fought for SALT, which gave him $51 mil in write-offs

After our story about Colorado governor JaredPolis' taxes, the editorial board of the @denverpost  expresses regret for defending his tax history in the past. Says the revelations felt like a "gut punch" ...."make us feel duped" by Polis.

Two years ago, we told the story of Jahmar Resilard, a Marine Corps pilot who was killed after USMC sent him on a training exercise with equipment they knew was faulty. His mom has started a scholarship in his honor:

ProPublica hitting on all cylinders this year. "After ProPublica provided St. Jude with the findings of its reporting, the hospital informed families of a dramatic expansion in the assistance it will give to parents...during their kids’ treatment."

You see it with sports teams. You see it with coal, real estate, oil & gas... The wealthy can legally tell the IRS they're losing money, even when they're making money.

Among the shocking details in this story: Patrick Soon-Shiong, billionaire owner of the Los Angeles Times, hasn’t paid federal income tax in 5 consecutive recent years.

Early 1900s: E.W. Scripps + other tycoons dismissed concerns that their wealth would last generations, creating an American aristocracy. Now: his great-great-grandson on Instagram w/ stacks of cash, jets, a fleet of Lamborghinis. Also a gold AK-47.

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NEW: After assuring the public about the government's coronavirus preparedness, Senate Intel chair Richard Burr, in one day, sold off up to $1.6 million is stock. A week later, the market began its fall. His committee was receiving daily briefings.

A federal judge issued a restraining order blocking the city from releasing disciplinary records. The judge also barred the NY Civil Liberties Union from disclosing the data. @ProPublica  is not subject to the order. Here’s the data:

Turns out we missed a few transactions. It's up to *$1.7* million.

New: Georgia Senator David Perdue sold his home last year, in a private deal, to an official whose organization had business before his committee.

NEW: How billionaire sports owners use their teams to avoid millions in taxes, and pay lower tax rates than: -their millionaire players -low paid stadium workers

NEW: In an internal email last week, DOJ weakened its long-standing prohibition against interfering in elections. Federal authorities are now cleared to take public investigative steps when they suspect election fraud involving USPS/Defense employees.