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Latest Scoops

The only thing this guy believes in with any consistency is demonizing queer people and using them to start a culture war
It's political correctness gone mad https://t.co/1l6KYsVwIa
Can't even call the PM a fucking muppet anymore https://t.co/7lk5invkQG
Oh my god how did they not know that having a bunch of men say "I'm cumming" in a promo would backfire? https://t.co/hzXHrQliet
If Barry O'Sullivan wants to use female pronouns, we should never let her forget it for the rest of her life. She won't be mad. It's what she wants.
Everyone in this thinks they're in House of Cards and it's closer to The Thick Of It #4Corners
Yeah this won't cut it
Imagine saying "you get to have this fun day once a year, but you have to kill one horse every time", then put your fascinator on https://t.co/4jIs3Yp43O
The backdown begins
On the emptiness of Scott Morrison, @mrseankelly has it pretty well covered in the latest Monthly https://t.co/ZouFbTbbRh
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