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Gay men in Sydney are being warned about an outbreak of antibiotic-resistant shigella - the rimming disease
Honestly I get goosebumps when she takes the coat off https://t.co/GpBOteOiZF
Please enjoy @PatrickLenton's v funny #BachelorAU recap https://t.co/IrPZnfNsbn
Friday mood: welling up just a bit after reading Barack Obama's tribute to Aretha
If you do nothing else today, watch Aretha Franklin perform at the Kennedy Centre a few years ago https://t.co/Aas1hjVPlE
Stefanovic wouldn't dare touch this one https://t.co/czfAzZJwTk
Your timeline has been nothing but filth since you went to Sexpo. Go and take a cold shower.
giving yourself colon cancer to own the left
#TheBachelorAU Power Ranking is back! How is @SineadStubbins so funny? https://t.co/IQpsEon07z
I've just had a look at @itspunkee's #BachelorAu recap and it's as good as you'd hope
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