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Latest Scoops

Barnaby's personal leave so far:
- three print interviews
- two doorstops
- one presser
- one meeting with the PM
- two written public statements
- one branch meeting
An underreported Newspoll story today: A majority backs giving Indigenous people a voice in parliament https://t.co/sTLCyVUTvH
I'm on the hunt for a new Senior Writer, with a focus on music and pop culture. If you've got questions, slide into my DMs https://t.co/JD6zrnOHfu
Tony Windsor is a few tweets away from putting "Sir Dame" in his username
So there was a presser, then there wasn't, then there was. Sounds a little... inept
Marvellous, bold work from the PM, banning fucking without the need for a plebiscite
All of the Press Gallery agrees there's not a problem
I spoke to a woman who was questioned by the Ruddock religious freedom review, and it doesn't sound good https://t.co/W7bcn6NQxr
Julia Gillard was publicly criticised for choosing not to have children, yet we're all part of some unspoken bargain that Barnaby's affair is off-limits
Adelaide people really love talking about Adelaide
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