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  3. we did this ! had so much fun in the studio w/ . our new single from the soundtrack is out this friday january 5.
We did this #ForYou! Had so much fun in the studio w/ @LiamPayne. Our new single from the #FiftyShadesFreed soundtrack is out this Friday January 5.
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Back in LA but pretending I’m still on vacation. These new @diffeyewear sunnies are so chic , fun & perfect for this hot LA weather. The best part of DIFF is that for every pair of… https://t.co/xKgftLpuX5
REPLYING TO THE NEXT 100 COMMENTS on our music video on YouTube!!! Log on to ya YouTube account and check this out 👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼 https://t.co/2tDIB4mxSA
Zayn Malik has been releasing a bunch of covers lately and FINALLY released a new original single! Was it worth the wait? Watch to find out! See this reaction video to “Sour Diesel” in full HERE: https://t.co/lk8YczZIFF
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NEWS: #EastEnders will be welcoming back Louisa Lytton when she reprises her role as Ruby Allen later this year!

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This might surprise you, but I’m not very good at doing nothing. It’s been a miserable day of me being in bed trying to rest up and not do too much. So I watched Me Before You and had a weep. Some of you will know how much I championed the book, but I’ve… https://t.co/gY7Kjk1EDN
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