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Who is coming to see me on Tour?! Aussie your up first tickets here: ✨🥳💖

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** If this isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen then you have seen some really cute things (sound on)
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BTS added an extra eight stops to their stadium world tour #BillboardNews
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Khloe Kardashian drops Tristan after he was allegedly caught cheating on her with Kylie's BFF!
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Don’t think there’s a stadium in the world that’s big enough to fit the #BTSArmy. Excited for you guys - good luck @BTS_twt! #SPEAK_YOURSELF
Updated a few songs on my Spotify playlist. Gonna keep adding to it! Big love @Spotify
#ARMYs are taking over the world! @BTS_twt's #LOVE_YOURSELF #SPEAK_YOURSELF tour is proof that they're the biggest boy band. 🔥
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Exclusive: @NCTsmtown_127 set to tour North America for the first time
Congrats, @ArianaGrande! She claims Nos. 1, 2 & 3 on the Billboard #Hot100, becoming the first act to achieve the feat since The Beatles in 1964 🌟

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Jack Whitehall announces huge 2019 UK tour and here's how you can get tickets
To those who have already booked tickets to see 'Curtains' you're in for a real treat! If you haven't got them yet then grab them now while you can as certain dates will sell out early! Take a look at the website for more details of the tour!

Vicky :-)
Always cool to see the first billboards going up across America and beyond... @NatGeoChannel #HostilePlanet coming soon! (If you thought Blue Planet was good... wait until you see Hostile Planet, and the extremes these animals go to for survival!) #inspi
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