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Excited to announce that I’m featuring on the new @RudimentalUk album “Toast To Our Differences”! Can’t wait for you to hear this#T2OD!

Pre-order your copy here:https://t.co/xoSpt1u4yA
I’m going live with @travismills on @Beats1 to talk #LetYouLoveMe! Open @AppleMusic, tap ‘Radio’ and press ‘Play Now.’ https://t.co/KRbM7UWiIb
Breakfast with my friends at @pandoramusic!! 😬😬😬
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My baby @BebeRexha ❤️❤️
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I am HUGELY excited to announce I'll be performing at @BBCCiN Rocks! Looking forward to seeing you all at the @ssearena on 7 November!

Tickets at https://t.co/baipS3dvg2 #CiN ❤️
Smiling a lot these days... #PHOENIX ☄️☄️
Thank u for making me a Hot Hits UK cover girl @SpotifyUK!!
First track I recorded for #Phoenix was in this room and this is where I’m finishing it. And yes I will celebrate and have a cup of tea on the desk board tell me suttin!!!! (Sips tea) #LYLM was also recorded here! It’s out now! ☄️☄️☄️☄️ now on my way to @AppleMusic
Amazing I love this so much ❤️ x
SURPRISE!! I’m so excited to be on the new @cleanbandit album! Can’t wait for you to hear the song we’ve made together ❤️ Pre order here: https://t.co/fNz1w7aHQW
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