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Rick Sanchez

Rick Sanchez

Host of The News with Rick Sanchez on RT America. Father, author & great 3-point shooter. RTs ≠ endorsements.

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So weird to listen to two Hispanic senators fighting with each other over who will treat Hispanic immigrants worse? Gracias guys.

@amandacarpenter @CNN  @JohnBerman  @KateBolduan  Will you be commenting on Enquirer story about #Cruzsexscandal  that allegedly involves you?

Family of Amanda Carpenter confirms she cheated with Ted Cruz. Says Cruz "preys on women."

#GrandJuryDecision is in. Ruling will be announced Sunday. #Ferguson 

#TheTitleOfMySexTape is trending today. I loved "50 shades of disappointment" by @CathiPurry . What is yours? #ricksanchez 

Warning! Corporate media can't wait to start another war so its advertisers and those who sit on its boards can cash in. Please don't trust them, watch them or believe them.

Miami is abuzz with talk of #FidelCastroDead  and reports out of Havana signaling something is going on. Will keep you posted.

God, it pisses me off to hear the drum beat for war with Iran from all these chicken hawks. I'm not going to let it happen again. Stop the lies. @DanielLMcAdams  Watch:

Watching CNN and others brag about their Katrina coverage. I was there. Two words, they sucked. They covered Americans like the enemy.