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Richelle Carey

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Maddow making clear that town hall is NBC...not MSNBC ??

The gold standard for how it's done. Impressive.

College football is a doubt. But what am I missing about the anger at Nick Saban? He tested positive once and negative at least 4 times after that. Correct? So a false positive?

Why didn't anybody tell me how insanely good Jessica Chastain is in 'The Eyes of Tammy Faye'?????

How missed warning signs at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival led to one of the worst U.S. concert tragedies

People who say mac n cheese is just "noodles and cheese...what's the big deal"...have no credibility. On anything.

Another day on twitter, another day of willfullly ignorant, dangerous white supremacist, bad faith, elected officials trending.


Journalists and even some analysts...still squeamish about calling Trump a liar. Unreal. And dangerous.

This is an earthshattering story that *should* topple a leader. It won't.

"MAGA" was always another way of saying "white power" anyway. Stop pretending otherwise. And #BlackLivesMattters 

Good Morning to everyone EXCEPT CONNIE

Trump has known about this for months

The last 4 years have revealed *many* cowards...but it's revealed the some people don't speak up because they actually believe in and support the racism and authoritarianism.

Y'all. Just ignore him. For real.