Of Cameron, May and Johnson my suspicion is Johnson will be much the worst. It’s just a matter of time.

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This #FoxNews  poll is the best #politics-related  #impeachment  news #NeverTrump-ers  have gotten in some time. And it's not that great, as it barely moves the recent pro #Trump  #RCP  trend needle: & Impeachment#TrumpImpeachment 

Blackbird Ventures has sold a 40 per cent slice of its first fund for $100 million ... The sale has returned $2.90 in cash for every $1 invested in Blackbird's first fund

Today I learned that the city of Detroit is physically supported by salt.

#Agrochemical firm UPL has received the environment clearance from the government for its Rs 353.43 crore pesticide unit expansion project in Bharuch district of #Gujarat , according to official documents.

Iron ore spot prices a tad choppy in recent days. MBIOI-62 +0.6% to $94.63. Slightly larger gains for lower grades, smaller for higher #ausbiz 

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