Syrian Kurds

The Syrian Kurds are being abandoned after they fought, and lost 10k men and women, to battle ISIS for the world. Now, they could be- and many expect will be- wiped out in a campaign of ethnic violence/displacement.

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Syrian Kurds

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And here we have it, in the last couple days. Gates, a leader of the quest to give children dignity and safety, was in fact palling around with a child rapist and misleading The @NewYorker  . And Bloomberg is using his do-gooding to justify plutocracy and hush a candidate-critic.

Booker prize judges break the rules and insist on joint winners

JUST IN: Renewables generated more power than fossil fuels in UK for first quarter ever

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Have we posted about Burky too much these last two days? No? Okay! Here’s four more pics. #GoAvsGo 

1) Trump said Friday the U.S. and China had reached a trade truce 2) China today said it doesn’t know what Trump’s talking about

Atatiana Jefferson was fatally shot inside her home by a white police officer. Her family says an outside agency should investigate. "Fort Worth PD cannot investigate themselves. ... This man murdered someone. He should be arrested," said her brother.

What an incredible video. Syrian army is seen passing U.S. troops on a main road near Kobani as American forces leave the area. U.S. out, Syria/Russia in. @akhbar 

The view from this infinity pool in Switzerland is unreal

Twice As Many Voters Trust Boris than Corbyn on Brexit