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"A teacher from a distant country wrote to me reproachfully that a pupil had come to him in tears after reading [The Selfish Gene] because it had persuaded her that life was empty and purposeless. He advised her not to show the book to any of her friends."

Fascinating lecture by Janet Kelso@jfkelso  on Neandertal genomics. She packs a lot in. I’m going to have to listen to it at least twice. There’s so much we can learn about ancient history through sophisticated DNA comparisons.

… the dusts of centuries, the mists of what we presume to call ‘ancient’ history, are soon blown off by the steady, eroding winds of geological ages (Books do Furnish a Life, p  352).

Beautiful poem by Dylan Thomas, beautifully read by Richard Burton:  Dylan Thomas’s own reading is very good, too:  Which reading do you prefer?

Why has Instagram’s @OversightBoard  blocked the hashtag #Exmuslim ? Is it the usual cowardly appeasing of the Muslim lobby? Islamic law threatens Exmuslim apostates with death. Isn’t that enough, without the Instagram censoring them too?

What a relief to be interviewed about interesting science, far removed from the standard run of the mill questions about social trends etc.

On last night’s BBC Ten O’clock News, pride of place (& the whole first ten minutes) went to a football match in which no goal was scored. Pushed into second place was the splendid goal scored by the Liberal Democrats in the byelection. Many congratulations Sarah Green.

“Show me your teeth & I will tell you who you are” (Cuvier, 1769–1832). Reading up on teeth of all mammals. Learning so much about mammals via teeth. Fascinating convergent evolution as teeth mill, stab, crush, shear, gnaw, dig, comb, display, even fell trees.


Saw a down-and-out in Seattle last night. His sign said not "I need food" or "I need a job" but "I need a fat bitch". What could this mean?

Science is not a social construct. Science’s truths were true before there were societies; will still be true after all philosophers are dead; were true before any philosophers were born; were true before there were any minds, even trilobite or dinosaur minds, to notice them.

In 1665 Cambridge University closed because of plague. Isaac Newton retreated to rural Lincolnshire. During his 2 years in lockdown he worked out calculus, the true meaning of colour, gravitation, planetary orbits & the 3 Laws of Motion. Will 2020 be someone’s Annus Mirabilis?

Give this woman a Nobel Prize. UPenn "told me that they’d had a meeting and concluded that I was not of faculty quality,” she said. ”When I told them I was leaving, they laughed at me and said, ‘BioNTech doesn’t even have a website.’”

With few exceptions like Putin & Farage, the entire world welcomes President Biden and Vice-President Harris. After four years of lies, venal hypocrisy and vicious hostility to decency and humane values, America has taken a major step towards making America great again.

“The real problem of humanity is the following: we have paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions, and god-like technology” Edward O Wilson (2009).

Holocaust. Both sides to blame: Jews for being Jews and Nazis for killing them.

Do dogs go to Heaven? Only pets, not wild animals? If only humans go to Heaven, how far back? Homo erectus? Australopithecus? Only people who lived after Jesus? Not Abraham, Moses or Elijah, then. Which “you” will be in Heaven? Senile you with dementia? Midlife-crisis you?

You can argue over whether masks, handwashing, banning groups etc are effective. What you can NOT argue is that you are personally entitled to take the risk as a matter of individual liberty. You risk other lives as well as your own. It’s just elementary epidemiology.

Sharia is a barbaric legal system and Pakistan a disgrace to the world.