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Tom Brady in the streets and Robert Kraft in the sheets.
I got a new suit of clothes and a pretty red rose
And a woman I can call my friend. These are Better Days Baby.
Did you know that @KaceyMusgraves has a Puppy in her back stage rider??? So cute and genius. 😍🐶

The Most Relevant

How in the world could they build a wall between Texas and Mexico.. In 15 years they still haven't finished I-35 between Austin and Waco.
In a world full of negative news. I like this headline. We need more of this.
The Highways in Texas 10 Year Challenge
Stop sending me mixed signals and start sending me mixed margaritas
I’m not bitching but why does beef jerky cost as much as cocaine?
My Mom on Thanksgiving: Please don’t touch the deviled eggs that are in the fridge. They’re for the guests.

I don’t care what you think. I love Taylor Swift.
When I graduated from Texas A&M I only had enough money to buy a guitar. I really wanted my Aggie ring but I just couldn’t afford it. It broke my heart but it had to be done for the future of my music career. Well... 12 years later I finally got my Aggie Ring. Follow your dreams.
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