Rex Chapman??

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Love yourself and also put effort into the world around you. You have value, and so does the rest of this great planet.

51 temples taken over by U’khand Govt illegal, embarrassment to BJP: Swamy

Happy 20th birthday, Phil Foden: 🏆🏆🏆 League Cup 🏆🏆 Community Shield 🏆🏆 Premier League 🏆 FA Cup On average, he lifts a trophy every 317 minutes of playing time.

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Six years ago today, Lance Stephenson pulled out his secret weapon against LeBron 😗💨

Thoughtful. Not yelling. Not reading talking points off notes. Weaving the facts, with her personal opinion and assessment. I wish she’d do more of this and less of the on camera sniping.

It’s been 91 days since President Trump said we’d soon have zero cases in the U.S. We now have 1.7 million cases and more than 102,000 deaths.

#OnThisDay nine years ago, @VdSar1970  hung up his gloves. Not much could get past this guy 😍🙌 #MUFC 

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Looking forward to @maitlis  repeating her opening monologue tonight.

It wasn't our night in the end, but this @WayneRooney  strike is one to remember 👊 #MUFC  #GoalOfTheDay