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Top news from the United States.

Latest Scoops

EU expects UK request to help avoid food shortages under hard Brexit
'I was like a prisoner': Saudi sisters trapped in Hong Kong recall beatings
Star of Mexican film 'Roma' prompts raw discussion of race, class
Thousands march as France's 'yellow vest' protests rumble on
Venezuela breaks diplomatic relations with Colombia over aid, Maduro says
Southwest CEO says mechanics deserve new contract, but company wants 'flexibility'
Venezuela humanitarian aid met with teargas and gunfire on borders
India proposes new e-commerce regulations with focus on data rules
In a shift, Buffett says focus on Berkshire's stock price

The Most Relevant

BREAKING: U.S. Treasury to announce decision to put Harriet Tubman on $20 bill: Politico
BREAKING: Judge grants pretrial injunction which bars Trump administration from rescinding Obama-era DACA immigration program - ruling
JUST IN: Trump calls for end of gun-free zones near schools, endorses idea of teachers and others in schools being armed if they had special training
JUST IN: Trump has declined invitation to speak at NAACP convention - White House
JUST IN: Special counsel urges judge to deny Paul Manafort's request to lift home arrest, says he recently ghostwrote draft op-ed with a Russian tied to intelligence services - court filing
JUST IN: State Department orders family members of U.S. government employees at Caracas embassy in Venezuela to leave the country
JUST IN: EPA chief Scott Pruitt disagrees that CO2 is primary contributor to global warming: report
JUST IN: Jones Act waiver for Puerto Rico expired on Sunday, not being extended - DHS
BREAKING: Vice President Pence used private email for state business while Indiana governor and was hacked - Indianapolis Star
EXCLUSIVE: Trump says he thought being president would be easier than his old life. Read more:
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