Speaker Nancy Pelosi President Donald / House Representatives

Speaker Nancy Pelosi says that President Donald Trump ‘is not above the law’ as the House of Representatives begins open impeachment hearings

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Speaker Nancy Pelosi President Donald / House Representatives

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Multiple dead, including a police officer, in Jersey City shooting: officials More:

“Facts. Part of the reason why we are here today, at the brink of impeachment, is because there seem to no longer be any guardrails. No one around President Trump to stop him because if … you dare to state facts … well then your job is on the line,” says @jaketapper .

Clarify: No one in American politics wld find it remotely acceptable for a President of the opposite party to do what Trump is accused of. It is textbook grounds for impeachment. The evidence that he is guilty as charged is overwhelming. Everything else is chatter and noise.

EXCLUSIVE - FBI warned six months ago about loophole Pensacola shooter used to obtain a gun

#BREAKING UPDATE: A police officer as well as multiple people inside a bodega were killed during a shooting in Jersey City, officials confirmed. Two other officers and a civilian were also injured:

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Trump demanded US ally Ukraine investigate a political rival to secure a WH meeting with him. What did Trump demand of US adversary Russia to secure a meeting with Lavrov? Nothing apparently.

"Make up your mind. Whose side are you on?" After his colleague was killed on a domestic violence call, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo called out Republican leaders for their support of the NRA.

It's official: Finland's Sanna Marin was just appointed prime minister, making her the world's youngest sitting head of government at age 34. The Social Democrat will lead a coalition of 5 parties all headed by women. Four of those women are under the age of 35.

BREAKING: Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear says he will sign an executive order Thursday restoring voting rights to over 100,000 people with felony convictions - The Lexington Herald-Ledger

This officer used ASL to assist a woman at the DMV after responding to reports of a ‘disturbance' — and he even helped her pay for her application