Arctic / Norilsk / Siberia

A starving polar bear strayed hundreds of kilometers from its natural Arctic habitat and wandered into the industrial city of Norilsk in northern Siberia via @ReutersTV 

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Arctic / Norilsk / Siberia

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BREAKING: Pentagon official testifies President Trump directed a freeze on aid to Ukraine, according to a transcript of her testimony released Monday.

If Trump , per Pompeo's claim, was really interested in fighting corruption in Ukraine or U.S.-Ukraine relations, he would have enlisted the DOJ & FBI to act & have used our MLAT treaty with Ukraine to do so. If there any evidence that these channels were used? I've seen none.

After nearly 14 years in power, Bolivia's President Evo Morales has announced his resignation, but it is not yet clear who will succeed him. Morales' announcement was followed by violent clashes with buildings set on fire in La Paz.

'Whenever the world makes you cynical, whenever you doubt that courage and goodness and selflessness is possible, look to a veteran.' — Watch Barack Obama’s final Veteran’s Day speech as president #ThankYouForYourService 

A first-grader could have asked for a party for her seventh birthday. Instead, she led a protest outside the White House.

Most dangerous places to live, 2019. 1. Brazil 2. South Africa 3. Nigeria 4. Argentina 5. India 6. Peru 7. Kenya 8. Ukraine 9. Turkey 10. Colombia 11. Mexico 12. UK 13. Egypt 14. Philippines 15. Italy 16. US 17. Indonesia 18. Greece 19. Kuwait 20. Thailand (InterNations)

Founder of veterans group says Trump Jr. can join the military if he "really wants to understand what sacrifice is all about"

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Joe Biden says President Trump’s attacks are helping him in “every way.” @DanaBashCNN  reports.