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"Trump needs to stay in his lane." @BAshbyMD  on Trump contradicting medical experts on the severity of the pandemic. #TheReidOut 

None of it is hyperbole folks. Trump and the toady he installed are literally trying to sabotage the us postal service, an almost 250 year old institution.

"He was struggling to breathe," says Bridget Botts-Kastern of her 2-year-old son's battle with Covid-19. "I know there's this myth that children don't get sick. So, I wanted to draw awareness to my son," she tells @brikeilarcnn .

Being from California, especially Los Angeles, is like living in an abusive relationship. When you finally move out you never move back and all your friends ask “why did it take you so long?”

Newly leaked video shows a police officer pointing a gun at George Floyd as he pleaded, "please don't shoot me." "A judge ultimately blocked the videos from this section of the arrest from being released," @AriMelber  reports.

More than 8,000 residents were ordered to evacuate as firefighters continue to battle the Apple Fire in California's Riverside County, which had grown to 26,450 acres and was 5% contained.

One of Kanye West's electors in Vermont is also a delegate to the Republican National Convention this summer. I report for @NYMag 

"No. There is no new phase for the President," says @andersoncooper , #KeepingThemHonest . "For the country, yeah. Higher case counts, almost 231,000 dead predicted by November." "For the President apparently things seems to be going well, he thinks."

Fauci warns of "really bad situation" if daily coronavirus cases don't drop to 10K by September

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4.75M cases 157,000+ deaths Tens of millions unemployed Record economic fall On Saturday, Pres. Trump went golfing for the 283rd time