Avaaz / Newquay / England

WATCH: Members of the activist group Avaaz created portraits of G7 leaders on the beach in Newquay, England, urging the leaders to waive patents on vaccines

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Avaaz / Newquay / England

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BREAKING: Florida has reported 21,683 new cases of COVID-19, the state’s highest one-day total since the start of the pandemic, according to new federal health data. The state has become the new national epicenter for the virus.

Notable: Less than 0.004% of those fully vaccinated experienced a breakthrough case resulting in hospitalization, and less than 0.001% have died from the disease, according to the latest CDC data.

Water cannon v burning barricades: Paris protests against Covid ID turn violent as France resists measure DETAILS:

Majority of COVID-19 cases at large public events were among vaccinated Americans: CDC study

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At least 233 staff members at two major San Francisco hospitals, most of them fully vaccinated, tested positive for the coronavirus. Most, according to a hospital official, involved the Delta variant.

As ballot counting in Arizona ends, turmoil and revelation of funding by Trump backers cast doubt on conclusions of "forensic audit" of the 2020 election.

“Vote them out.” Country music legend Willie Nelson led over a thousand spectators in song from the steps of the Texas Capitol, in a rally to support of Democratic state legislators who bolted for Washington to block GOP-backed voting restrictions.

New wildfires erupt in Turkey threatening resort town Bodrum as Erdogan suspects SABOTAGE & vows to rebuild within a year

Florida reports 21,683 new Covid-19 cases, the highest one-day count since the start of the pandemic