Canada / Canadian Muslim / Sunday

Thousands marched in Canada in support of a Canadian Muslim family that lost three generations in a hate-motivated attack last Sunday

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Canada / Canadian Muslim / Sunday

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Here's the protest just outside Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, which is easily audible inside during quiet moments

The #TokyoOlympics  officially began with an opening ceremony held in a mostly empty stadium. ▪️ At least 106 athletes and staff have tested positive for #COVID19 . ▪️ Tokyo is under a state of emergency after its most cases in 6 months. ▪️ About 15% of athletes are unvaccinated.

The Cleveland Indians are changing their name next season to the Cleveland Guardians, the MLB club says

Attention vaccine skeptics who worry the vaccine was rushed to market. As of today, 3.74 billion doses have been administered worldwide. With great results. It's ok for you to use it now. Please proceed.


These 7 states are top Covid hot spots this weekend:

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Sources: The ACC and other leagues have made inquiries — through back channels — to Oklahoma and Texas. The schools are still expected to start the process of joining the SEC next week. The Texas and OU backchannel communication to the SEC has been going on for more than a year.

Yes, you are hearing that correctly. Athletes have begun marching out to the theme from Dragon Quest, a hit video game series in Japan. #Tokyo2020  #Olympics 

TOKYO 2020 OLYMPICS PLAYLIST - Dragon Quest “Overture: Roto’s Theme” - Final Fantasy “Victory Fanfare” - Tales of series “Sorey’s Theme - The Shepherd” - Monster Hunter “Proof of a Hero” - Kingdom Hearts “Olympus Coliseum” - Chrono Trigger, “Frog’s Theme”