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Following a record-breaking 2019, K-Pop band @BTS_twt  reached new heights with their first English-language song ‘Dynamite’ on the U.S. Billboard charts. But they wish they could celebrate with their fans

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K-Pop / English-Language

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Coons and Carper are not getting enough attention on this vote. Safe seat Dem senators whose justifications for the ‘no’ vote are not procedural but substantive opposition to $15 an hour!

"We were impoverished in trying to cope with this sudden surge of infections and we didn't have the capacity." Commenting on why Covid-19 hit the UK so hard, chair of the BMA council @CNagpaul  tells #Newsnight  the NHS was short of facilities for critical and hospital care

"This is a huge bill for America, this is so essential," says Sen. Jeff Merkley moments after Senate Democrats reportedly reached a deal that could allow the $1.9 trillion stimulus package to move forward. "It is a huge winning compilation of support for ordinary Americans."

"The people have spoken and they seem to agree. An approval of Biden is what they decree. 70% on covid, even some on the right. Poor Florida man never reached such a height." @JoyAnnReid  with her best Dr. Seuss tribute. #TheReidOut 

When I run for president my platform will be $420.69 per hour minimum wage Universal cosmetic surgery Cilantro will be schedule 1

‘It’s gonna lead to a lot of chaos, confusion, and conflict’ — Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner spoke out against Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to re-open the state of Texas without a mask mandate

Fashion magazines and ads often feature Black people and their cultures, but how many Black people are among the executives, designers and other people in charge of the industry? We tried to gather data — and met resistance along the way.

Chile agreed to host vaccine trials and its immunisation database is digitised. Other governments in Latin America are still struggling to procure jabs

"Our politics is broken, our democracy's broken when 70% of the public support a bill and not a single Republican in the House or Senate support it." @mehdirhasan  on covid relief. #TheReidOut 

Disneyland, baseball stadiums set to reopen next month in California.