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Rapper Kanye West

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Strong questioning by the WH press pool today. @KellyO : Sir, why did you decide on $400 [a week in extra aid] when previously families were receiving $600? That will be a hardship for many. What do you say to them?" Trump irrationally said "this is the money they want."

CNN reporters fact-check President Trump’s remarks after he signs four executive orders targeting the economy.

On POTUS saying Dems are calling for mass release of undocumented immigrants, @Clyburn : "I have absolutely no idea of what this man is talking about. No Democrat ever asked for the mass release of undocumented immigrants. Come on." @MSNBC 

Reparations aren't just about "payback" or a "check." They're a way to begin repairing the centuries-long debt of economic, political, and social devastation that was imposed on Black people in the US. It's time to take demands for reparations seriously.

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Today is a great day to register to vote. Seriously. Just do it. Right now.

Of the four documents just signed by @POTUS , only one is an executive order ("assistance to renters and homeowners"). The other three are memoranda.

Dr. Fauci says chance of coronavirus vaccine being highly effective is ‘not great.’ - @CNBC 

Congress can’t get it done, so the @POTUS  does. This is the sort of thing that will get @realDonaldTrump  re-elected in 2020. Voters are tired of the crap in Washington. They want leaders who get things done.

Most coronavirus deaths. USA: 165,000 Brazil: 100,477 Mexico: 51,311 UK: 46,566 India: 43,453 Italy: 35,203 France: 30,324 Spain: 28,503 Peru: 20,649 Iran: 18,264 Russia: 14,854 Colombia: 12,250 South Africa: 10,210 Chile: 10,011 Belgium: 9,866 Germany: 9,261