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South Carolina

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Boris Johnson stops his top scientific and medical advisers from answering a question from the BBC about Dominic Cummings, calling it an "unfair and unnecessary attempt to ask a political question". More on this story here:

FEC commissioner: "No basis" for Trump claims voting by mail leads to fraud

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No follow up Q today, nor did the PM allow Vallence or Whitty to answer question about whether they were worried about example being set by Cummings' behaviour

Minneapolis City Council VP Andrea Jenkins: “I am asking my colleagues ... to declare a state of emergency declaring racism as a public health issue. Until we name this virus, this disease that has infected America for the past 400 years, we will never, ever resolve this issue."

Spike Lee said that when Do The Right Thing came out, a lot of critics thought it irresponsible to show Mookie throw a trash can through the window of Sal's pizzeria bc it would encourage riots...but they had far less to say about the cops choking Radio Raheem to death 🤷🏿‍♂️

SCOOP: We obtained documents showing that @MayorRGiuliani , a GOP fundraiser, and a cannabis entrepreneur are trying to raise $10m for a Biden-Ukraine film to be released this year. Please read, RT and share.

"Are you entirely comfortable with the prime minister telling you that you can't answer questions about Dominic Cummings?" - @SamCoatesTimes  Professor Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance insist they do not want to get involved in politics.

Whitty and Vallance make clear they are civil servants and don't want to get 'dragged into politics'. But Cummings' conduct is not a matter of politics, it's a matter of public health - as other members of Sage have made clear.

Thanks to all for the many kind words. Much appreciated. For the time being, I'm still on the job, still keeping count on the president. Will see what happens. Thanks again.