China / Beijing

With factories and cities closed, China has seen a significant drop in pollution over its cities like Beijing

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China / Beijing

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@MaddowBlog : Sen. Lindsey Graham abandons the pretense of an independent judiciary

A group of protestors gathered in front of the White House overnight following the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police, confronting Secret Service officers for more than five hours

Fireworks and tensions flare in #LA  amid protests over #GeorgeFloyd  killing

@Lawrence  says the full truth of George Floyd’s death can only be told thanks to the heroism of a 17-year old who recorded the actions of the officers for the world to see.

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Former NBA player Stephen Jackson was a close friend of George Floyd’s. He called him his “twin” and his brother.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren slams the Trump Administration: "It's been incompetence and it's been corruption."

Horrible traffic at Noida DND! More lanes should be opened as traffic increases. People shouldn’t be made to waste time & fuel. If you need to check vehicles, plz have more people do it, there should be better management. @noidapolice  @noida_authority  @dmgbnagar  @CMOfficeUP 

Greek Orthodox communion is taken from a shared spoon; church authorities and the faithful insist it can't spread coronavirus because it's not bread and wine but the body and blood of Christ. Scientists disagree.

Dolphins in the Bosphorus and an 'invasion' of sheep in Samsun. How nature bounced back in Turkey during lockdown

Many shoppers are currently required by state, city or local regulations to wear masks or other facial coverings. But it’s largely been left to grocery store employees and other workers to enforce those rules