Thousands Hong Kong

LIVE: Thousands of Hong Kong protesters march as political crisis continues

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Thousands Hong Kong

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Jim Jordan: “Do you know what a quid pro quo is?” Guy appointed as an ambassador after donating $1M to Trump’s inauguration: “I do.”

Which is why the President would use that specific phrase -- he knew he was being accused of precisely that. The White House had seen the complaint, which discusses said quid-pro-quo.

Oh the president denied a quid pro quo while doing a quid pro quo? Case closed, I guess!

Pretty revealing that even Trump’s most die-hard defenders have to clean up his own words about what he wanted investigated. They say “2016” but what the President specifically asked for...

This woman was ready to give the shirt off her own back to save a koala from an Australian bushfire

Rep. Schiff debunked Republicans’ belief that just because Trump didn’t say bribery doesn’t make him innocent

WATCH: Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney and Amb. Sondland engage in a tense exchange about who would benefit from an investigation of Joe Biden.

As we arrived to document the killings this was the reception we were given in El Alto. I have never experienced anything remotely like it in all my years as a correspondent.

It's a largely invisible crisis. 100s of Native American women are simply disappearing or being murdered. There is next to no data available on what, exactly, is going on, either.