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Brazil's Senate head says Rio military intervention blocks pension vote https://t.co/RaLwrncP39
INSIGHT:'Pigcasso' gets painting. Meet the pig who has turned to creating art. See more with @ReutersTV https://t.co/aCMOexcTNS
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Uber suspends service in Morocco after two years https://t.co/4kSkBSq2aV
Congress sets sights on federal cryptocurrency rules https://t.co/aLf7Inobz9 #ReutersFintech
INSIGHT: Olympics fire festival entertains visitors. More from @ReutersTV: https://t.co/HntgD8BitJ
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Islamic State kills 27 Iraqi militiamen near Kirkuk https://t.co/r2pl29QuGN
Irish PM calls for urgent restoration of Northern Ireland government https://t.co/5CVUZXXuUj
Collect some uranium glass for that peaceful glow https://t.co/qwNglIiLGd by @StefanWermuth via @reuterspictures
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WATCH: South Korea uses #PyeongChang2018 to show off its robotics prowess. More #Olympics coverage: https://t.co/StWE7PbuJ6
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Latvia in turmoil amid U.S. probe and central bank chief's detention. More: https://t.co/xWjyPLrFNd
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