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Samsung seeks to bury fiery past with Galaxy Note 8 launch https://t.co/AdI1Rv8mYW
Russia's Rosneft allocates four months of Venezuelan oil: traders https://t.co/Iao0om58DL
Toll's average price to fall as millennials buy cheaper homes https://t.co/Sopq2Z4QFE
Commentary: As global hostilities rise, Trump is no help https://t.co/pwJBZsJHPa
Charlottesville shrouds divisive Confederate statues in black cloth https://t.co/owFRzYJs79
American Express to pay $96 million over discriminatory card terms https://t.co/Amj1cnTtCw
Canada frets over possible huge surge in asylum-seekers: sources https://t.co/NXYQS5Zlac
UK finance sector proposes "ambitious" post-Brexit trade pact https://t.co/kkw2KYoMVV
Google memo writer hires Republican Party official as lawyer https://t.co/rCk2el4S6S
Guatemalan leader seeks ouster of U.N.-backed anti-graft chief: sources https://t.co/1pBsKuZSWE
Who are the people killed in incidents involving Tasers? @Reuters investigates: https://t.co/YlLBz0Cyq0
Uber reports second-quarter loss of $645 million; ride bookings grow https://t.co/yUIwjba5cZ
Israeli archaeologists uncover rare 1,500-year-old mosaic https://t.co/Dz0G7nIKcp
Republicans working with Trump on 'shared goals': McConnell https://t.co/vx2dvqImdn
Charlottesville shrouds divisive Confederate statues in black cloth https://t.co/5Wv5r9fG65
Venezuela ex-prosecutor says she has evidence of Maduro corruption https://t.co/lxdqYSnuTf
Clinton, in book, says Trump's debate stalking made her skin crawl https://t.co/XURSNyLMIz
Harvard researchers say Exxon misled public on climate science https://t.co/1lVSynC46J
In latest #backstory, how Reuters tracked fatalities and Taser incidents: https://t.co/NoCQ1ex3AN #ReutersBackstory
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In error, Britain tells dozens of EU citizens to leave https://t.co/F0UM6OKBKY
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