If @realDonaldTrump  doesn’t understand why Russia likes him, let me make it clear for him: "You are corrupt." #RussianInterference 

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Hobby Lobby president to give back 11,500 antiques to Iraq and Egypt governments

"Officials in more than 200 American cities, large and small, report a dire need for face masks, ventilators and other emergency equipment to respond to the coronavirus outbreak, according to a survey released on Friday." We are all Gretchen Whitmer now.

How do you deal with *all of the dishes* that come with eating at home more often? @hels  answers your quarantine cooking questions.

#CoronavirusPandemic | #Wuhan  limps back to life #ITVideo 

The grocery store workers, police officers, garbage collectors, and truck drivers of America don’t have that option.

#CoronavirusOutbreak : Most chemist shops in the national capital are not getting new supplies due to which patients are suffering | @Munish_MIRROR 

John Kerry bashes GOP lawmaker who opposed coronavirus relief package: They "tested positive for being an asshole"

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How fast the economy crashed and Washington responded—in charts

A giant oak fell in the night. Everyone heard. Rev Lowery was a rod that channeled a prophetic fire. Those of us who were blessed to have walked with him, also knew the joy of his mischief. Americans will never properly account for all they owe to him. RIP