Rep. Eric Swalwell

Rep. Eric Swalwell

Husband & Papa to Nelson/Cricket. CA Congressman @HouseJudiciary/@HouseIntel. Promise of America: if you work hard, you do better & dream bigger #FreedomToDream

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Achieving @ENERGY ’s Long Duration Storage Shot will establish a new, U.S.-based manufacturing industry, and can build resilience for communities nationwide. I applaud DOE and its collaboration with @Livermore_Lab  for this initiative:

#ChildTaxCredit payments of up to $300 start going out TODAY – a tax cut for most families with children, easing their burdens & lifting many kids out of poverty. It’s part of the American Rescue Plan, and it’s another example of @HouseDemocrats  working For The People.

" domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare..."

Is it surprising that a dip in the stock market is what it took for McConnell, Hannity et al to get serious about #COVID19  vaccines?

The House voted 407-16 to pass the ALLIES Act to help Afghans who face retribution for aiding our troops. The 16 nays, all from @HouseGOP : 🚫Biggs 🚫Boebert 🚫Brooks 🚫DesJarlais 🚫Duncan 🚫Good 🚫Gosar 🚫Greene 🚫Hern 🚫Hice 🚫Massie 🚫Moore 🚫Perry 🚫Posey 🚫Rosendale 🚫Roy

Won't find me disagreeing with @ddale8 . Happy to be wrong on this one. Listen to Mitch: Get vaccinated.

After years of lying about me and my family, @TuckerCarlson is losing his mind that I won’t return his calls. Sorry, Tucker, I’m just not that into you. Who knows what lie he’ll tell next? #TuckerTantrum 

Caught! Another right-wing/Fox News conspiracy headed our way. But I’m not going to let it divert from the 1/6 heroes who saved the Capitol and are testifying tomorrow. But wait until you see the receipts I have on who is involved. #ApplesDontFallFarFromTrees 


I just spoke with a very upset Officer Michael Fanone. It’s #PoliceWeek  and for weeks Ofc. Fanone has made multiple requests to talk to @GOPLeader . He wants to show McCarthy what he experienced on 1/6. Today he was hung up on by McCarthy’s staff. RT if Kevin should meet a hero.

EVIDENCE: House GOP Rep. @Pete Sessions met with terrorists who attacked Capitol and killed officer. He told them to “keep fighting.” They listened. Out of a consciousness of guilt Sessions deleted this tweet.

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I don’t say this lightly: when we escape this Trump hell, America needs a Presidential Crimes Commission. It should be made up of independent prosecutors who look at those who enabled a corrupt president. Example 1: Sabotaging the mail to win an election. #SaveThePostOffice 

Come hell or high water, Election Day is November 3. Pass it on.

I don’t know anyone in “Antifa.” But I’m against facism. And @realDonaldTrump  is a fascist.

He’s broke. And facing criminal charges. That’s why @realDonaldTrump  is sabotaging the mail, welcoming foreign interference, and inciting violence to win an election. This is going to be a rocky ride — but civic participation and unity are our antidotes.

Are you as excited as I am to watch @tedcruz  get absolutely crushed by me and my @HouseDemocrats  colleagues on Wednesday? RT if your excitement level is at least 11.