Rep. Ed Perlmutter

Rep. Ed Perlmutter

Member of Congress, proudly representing the 7th District of Colorado

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"Regardless of community transmission rates...the more universal face masks are worn, the more deaths can be prevented." Let's all do our part. Wear a mask. Save a life. #DoingMyPartCO  #COVID19Colorado 

Along w/going to school, many of these students have a life here which comes with jobs, leases & other commitments. These changes will bring more disruption for int'l students & harm colleges/universities as they work to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is irresponsible and continues the pattern of the Trump administration in abdicating global leadership on some of the most important issues of our time.

The consensus of the Supreme Court today, even by President Trump's own allies, is that no one is above the law, including the President.

I appreciate the school officials here in Colorado and across the country who are carefully weighing these decisions and listening to public health experts as they determine what's in the best interest for their students, teachers and community.

Congress has approved over $3 trillion in federal spending to combat the #coronavirus  pandemic. We must ensure this money is being spent properly. Report any fraud, waste, or abuse of #COVID19  relief funds by visiting or calling 202-225-4400.

After in-person classes were cancelled at @coschoolofmines , Grant started to work on developing a low-cost ventilator to help meet the demands of our country and others where ventilators are too costly or unavailable. Thank you Grant for your work on behalf of our community!

ICYMI - A new study through UCHealth and the CU School of Medicine will test a COVID-19 vaccine by monitoring patients for at least a year to determine its safety and effectiveness. #COVID19Colorado 

You can call (303) 318-9000 in metro Denver or (800) 388-5515 outside of Denver or visit with questions or to get assistance. My office is also here to help at or (303) 274-7944.

Don't forget - the extended tax deadline for income tax filings and payments is Wednesday, July 15th!


>90% of Americans support background checks to buy guns yet we have to #HoldTheFloor  to get a vote #NoBillNoBreak 

Mueller is a Republican. Rosenstein is a Republican. The FBI Director is a Republican. , this isn’t a witch hunt. This is what it looks like to put country above party. #LetMuellerWork  #FollowTheFacts 

@SpeakerRyan  we’ve voted >60 times on repealing the Affordable Care Act, but can't get one vote on gun violence? Really? #NoBillNoBreak 

I support calls to #RemoveNunes  and put an end to this attempt to discredit the Trump-Russia investigation. This memo is irresponsible and now we learn that its contents were altered after it had already been voted on by the Committee. Enough is enough.

We wouldn’t be here but for a memo that says *we're* going to hold up money to a foreign government unless something is done to investigate a political opponent. We wouldn’t be here but for an admission by the Chief of Staff of the President, saying the same thing. #TruthExposed 

I'm calling for the immediate resignation or firing of @EPAScottPruitt . It's time we bring science and common sense back to the @EPA 

Rather than $1.5 trillion in tax cuts for corporations & the wealthy, we could entirely fund for about 75 years. Other devastating impacts of the to #GOPTaxBillcience  here:

Instead of #AlternateFacts , the EPA uses peer reviewed research from trusted scientific sources. #DefendEPA  #DefendScience 

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