Rep. Mark Walker

Rep. Mark Walker

US Congressman. @housegop Vice Chair. Ranking Member on Subcommittee for Counterterrorism and Intelligence. Former Pastor gratefully representing #NC06.

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While I am glad to see our most vulnerable seniors receiving the help they need, I only wish North Carolina would have acted sooner. Sadly, we ignored Vice President Pence‘s guidance to move on this nearly two months ago. Why did it take so long?

Saddened to hear about the passing of Dr. Katie Dorsett. The first African American woman to hold a NC Cabinet post & serve on the Greensboro city council, Dr. Dorsett was beloved by all and will be missed immensely in our community. May she rest in peace.

Nancy Antoinette is at it again. While Speaker Pelosi held up funding for small business loans, her husband's firm applied for one worth $1 million. Americans can't stand this hypocrisy. We need to focus on solutions, not disingenuous political games.

The Little Sisters of the Poor stood up for their 1st Amendment rights — and won. Today is a huge victory for religious liberty, faith and common sense. #SCOTUS 

Every 10 hours, the FBI opens a new China-related counterintelligence case. We must put a stop to the Chinese Communist Party's never-ending number of delinquent abuses towards our nation.

To call this retiring surge merely "troubling" is a vast understatement. There is still work to do but the overwhelming percentage of our police officers are good, decent people who have been called upon to serve and protect our communities.

Finding solutions to safely reopen our schools in the fall is essential to developing our children and refining their social skills. No Zoom call is going to replace the benefits of being in the classroom.

Nancy Pelosi believes "people will do what they do." If you refuse to uphold the rule of law, this happens. Attacks on memorials dedicated to our 9/11 heroes are disgusting, sickening, & must be condemned by all. Find the culprits and send them to jail.


UPDATE: We are in the SCIF and every GOP Member is quietly listening. Meanwhile, Adam Schiff, clearly peeved that he will no longer be able to hide his impeachment sham, is threatening Ethics punishment for all of us. His fake intimidation can’t hide his lies–Open the process!

@RepRatcliffe  is the right choice for Director of National Intelligence – and for America.

Let me get this straight: the whistleblower (leaker) had no firsthand knowledge of the call and was just spreading a rumor? And now is being represented by an attorney who had to leave the CIA after a “whistleblower” incident and has the names Schumer and Clinton on his resume?

Meet Noah Feldman, House Democrats first partisan witness. Look at the date of this tweet. He has been trying to get @realDonald Trump impeached since 46 days into his presidency. His reason? Trump criticized President Obama. This is a sham impeachment with sham witnesses.

Max Stier is the only source for @nytimes  faulty Kavanaugh story. How did NYT find it ok to omit that his wife was nominated to the DC Court by Obama and rejected by GOP Senate?

Here’s my question: You’re asking us to consider or acknowledge the need for additional witnesses. For us to do so, are you willing to acknowledge that you did not bring an “overwhelming” case to the Senate?

@RalphNortham , third trimester babies want to finish their term as well.

Do you like campaign ads? Well, #HR1  will take your money and give it to politicians so they can run TV ads. That’s #ForThePoliticians , not #ForThePeople .