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Representative from Florida's 22nd Congressional District

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Local businesses & aviators at Lantana Airport have been unfairly impacted by Mr. Trump’s frequent trips to Mar-a-Lago. Thanks to the recently passed government funding bill, they will now have an opportunity to receive financial relief!
Trump declaring a #NationalEmergency to build an ineffective&expensive wall repudiates a bipartisan spending bill, overstepping the checks&balances of our Constitution & setting a dangerous new precedent. I expect the courts will review what many believe is a gross abuse of power
I urge Mr. Trump to sign this legislation and immediately drop his fake national emergency declaration to build an immoral and ineffective wall, a power grab that would be frightening to all Americans.
Tonight, I voted for the bipartisan deal to responsibly #KeepGovernmentOpen & avert another reckless #TrumpShutdown that affected hundreds of thousands of American families. It funds smart, effective border security in a way that stays true to our American ideals.
Withdrawing from #INFTreaty jeopardizes our nat'l security, plays right into Putin’s hands&gives Russia more freedom to produce destructive nuclear weapons. Today @RepTedLieu & I joined @SenJeffMerkley to intro legislation to stop @POTUS from plunging us into a nuclear arms race.
One year ago, our South Florida community was devastated when 17 students & staff were killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas in #Parkland.

Today, we remember those taken from us far too soon. My heart goes out to their families & all those affected by this horrific tragedy.
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As the #gunviolence epidemic continues to ravage our country, Congress must step up and say #EnoughIsEnough – we must pass commonsense gun safety legislation to protect our children.
How will #HR1 clean up the #CultureOfCorruption in Washington & make our government work #ForThePeople?

✅ Clean and fair elections
✅ Stronger ethics rules for public servants
✅ Ending the era of big money in politics
For nearly a year, Saudi Arabia has jailed women’s rights activists without charges or counsel, allegedly torturing several of them all because they’re fighting for their basic human rights. It's absolutely horrific and it must stop!

The Most Relevant

Just toured Port Isabel ICE Detention Center in TX. It was horrifying, shocking & very eye-opening. Thread to follow....
BREAKING: 70% of Americans want Congress to investigate for sexual harassment, according to . Democrats are working to get an Oversight Committee investigation into the many allegations - retweet if you’re with us!
I am horrified by what I have seen in this detention center. It is un-American to secure the border by separating mothers and fathers from their children. We have to reunite these families and do better to give them a humane living situation. What's happening is unacceptable.
We met with 20-30 women who were in hysterics & don't know where their kids are. Some had been there for over a month & haven’t had the option to see a lawyer.
One woman had her child taken on June 6. She was told it would just be for 48 hours because she was going to court. Then her child was gone. Since then she has only spoken to daughter once and doesn’t know where she is.
They are not being updated on the news, and many of the detainees didn't even know about the new Executive Order. They are fed misinformation -- encouraged to fill out paperwork and led to believe they might then be reunited with their kids.
Women were dressed in blue jumpers, men in orange. Basically treated as criminals. One woman said she’s been in that same clothing for two weeks.
Other detainees were deported without their kids. Many at the facility are terrified that will happen to them.
What I saw today was absolutely horrifying. I will never forget the sobs I heard from so many mothers who had been ripped apart from their babies. This is no way to solve our issues at the border. Trump caused this problem, and he MUST put forth a plan to reunite these families.
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As we celebrate the start of #WomensHistoryMonth today, we pledge to oppose ANY attempts to peel away women's rights - we won't go back!
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