Defense Secretary / Vacant / Secretary / Vacant Ambassador / Director / Vacant Secret Service Director / Deputy / President

A quick update on our national security leadership: Defense Secretary: Vacant. DHS Secretary: Vacant. UN Ambassador: Vacant. FEMA Director: Vacant. Secret Service Director: Vacant. ICE Director: Vacant. DHS Deputy: Vacant. President: Present, but unaccounted for.

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Defense Secretary / Vacant / Secretary / Vacant Ambassador / Director / Vacant Secret Service Director / Deputy / President

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At the request of Congressman Moolenaar, I have approved a major Disaster Declaration to provide more than $43 million in Federal Funds to help the people of the GREAT State of Michigan recover from the recent dam break flooding. I will always stand with Michigan!

County Medical Examiner in Corpus Christi, Texas says their morgue can no longer receive additional bodies. Asking for a FEMA morgue trailer.

How President @realDonaldTrump 's newest executive order benefits the Hispanic community:

New Yorker: “in a final act of revenge,” WH made clear “Trump opposed Vindman’s promotion. Senior Administration officials told Esper and Ryan McCarthy, the Secretary of the Army, to dig for misconduct that would justify blocking Vindman’s promotion.”

I don't know who needs to hear this, but fifteen states now spend $27,000 more per person in prison than they do per student.

Politicians editing and censoring public health guidance in the midst of pandemic has catastrophic implications.

Top US Gen. Mark Milley says Confederate leaders committed "treason" and signals support for renaming military bases

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Americans nationwide are lifting up their voices to demand an end to police brutality. Urgent change is needed and the House-passed#JusticeInPolicing  Act puts life-saving progress within reach. It’s time for the Republican Senate to step up. #GeorgeFloydLaw 

“I’m going to fight to ensure that every Hispanic American parent has the freedom and the right to send your child to the public, private, charter, faith-based, magnet, home, or independent school of your choice.” - @realDonaldTrump 

“Our intelligence agencies have vast powers, and #Obama  used them illegally to spy on political opponents. This can’t be allowed to stand. And we aim to uncover the truth about this terrible corruption,” @TomFitton  in Breitbart. Read: