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Representing California's 28th Congressional District and Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee.

Latest Scoops

Waste, fraud and abuse: Don Jr. cost taxpayers nearly $100,000 for a trip to India to sell Trump properties.

If the Trumps are such great business people, can’t they pay for their own marketing junkets? Do taxpayers really need to bear such costs? https://t.co/TnzVtHIBou
Under no circumstances should the Administration extradite one U.S. resident to appease Turkey over the murder of another U.S. resident by Saudi Arabia. Nor should it be done to assist in a cover up. U.S. residents should be protected, not bartered. https://t.co/Ve20BHb5jb
Last night, Senate Republicans blocked a bill to protect Mueller. This morning, Trump showed again why we need it.

We will do everything in our power to protect the Mueller investigation, the independence of the Department of Justice, and the rule of law.https://t.co/o6soyKDGvg
It’s my hope that President Trump will decide to work with Democrats and address the challenges facing our country. But his track record of doing so is poor, make that nonexistent. Either way, we need the best legislator and tactician we have for Speaker, and that is @NancyPelosihttps://t.co/hVIVeADyna
It’s not only that nationalism is on the rise around the globe, but also its pernicious twin, authoritarianism. From Poland to Hungary, Brazil to the Philippines, liberal democracy is being challenged everywhere and America must rise to its defense. We must be freedom’s champion.https://t.co/tGrftK7OaZ
On Veteran’s Day we honor the men and women who have served our country, and recognize the great debt we owe them that can never be fully repaid. Thank you to all of our veterans, and a very special thank you to my favorite veteran, my father, who served in the Army.
If Whitaker doesn't recuse himself and has any involvement in Mueller's probe, we will expose it, including whether he made any commitments to Trump, is serving as a back channel, or interfering in the probe.

He will be held accountable. There must be no ambiguity about that.
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The appointment of Whitaker as Acting AG, someone with a history of attacks on Mueller, is a transparent effort to interfere with the impartial administration of justice.

Take notice: We will expose any effort to obstruct justice, and people will be held accountable.
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I don’t have the words to describe the horror of a young man who survived the worst mass shooting in American history in Las Vegas to die in yet another mass shooting a year later.

No other country allows this.

We will pass gun violence prevention legislation.https://t.co/dZVUuyeBvN
Acting AG Whitaker’s relationship with Sam Clovis, an important witness in the Russia probe, and his past prejudicial comments about the investigation warrant his recusal.

Congress must determine whether Whitaker made any promises to Trump about his recusal or impeding Mueller.
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