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To those who have been wondering how “collusion” might be charged, the Special Counsel has now given us a good indication:

No, Mr. President. The Special Counsel’s indictment states no conclusion on issue of collusion or electoral impact of Russian interference on the election. The former is under investigation and latter is beyond their scope.https://t.co/AMktnbeQrk
Mueller's indictment reaffirms what the Intelligence Community concluded, what our investigation has borne out, and what President Trump denies — that Russia interfered in our election in an effort to assist his presidential campaign.
Yesterday, Steve Bannon refused to answer all but 25 questions concerning his time after the campaign, and all those questions were “helpfully” written for him by the White House.

This is not executive privilege, this is stonewalling. He must be held in contempt.
With the failure to pass an immigration bill in the Senate today, and time running out before the President starts deporting DREAMers next month, it’s time for @SpeakerRyan to allow a vote on the Dream Act.
No, Mr. Vice President, that’s false. The Intelligence Community reached no conclusion as to whether Russia’s actions had a determinative effect on the election’s outcome. For you and the President to continue saying it did, gravely misrepresents their work.https://t.co/xa5MA2GOPA
My heart is broken again — this time for the victims of the Parkland school shooting, and the families whose children will not come home today. It is within the power of Congress to save lives, if we find the courage to act.
Last year, @timkaine and I wrote to @POTUS to request the legal justification for the strike in Syria in April 2017. He never responded.

Now we’ve learned there’s a memo explaining legal basis. The Congress and American people deserve to see it.

The failure to fire Rob Porter earlier and the constant churn within the White House are indicative of a central moral failing, and a conundrum facing all of the President’s staff — how do you ethically serve a deeply unethical man?
The hypocrisy of President Trump’s decision to block release of the Democratic memo reaches out and grabs you by the throat. This is a president who puts his own personal interest above all else.
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