UNHCR, the UN Refuge

82.4 million is not just a statistic. It’s the number of children, women and men. The number of hopes and dreams. The number of struggles. The number of uncertainties. The number of longings for home. Every number has a human face.

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By refusing to do their jobs and enforce the Rule of Law, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are putting lives at risk.

This IT company‘s nearly 500 Indian employees just turned crorepatis Read here:

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UK updates vaccine policy - but those jabbed in India will still have to quarantine

Mass migrations are never good because they are always the product of tragic circumstances & always lead to chaos and danger The current border crisis is bad But unfortunately the worst is yet to come

Today’s Democrat Party has decided they are the party of open borders. #BidenBorderCrisis .

Britain's defence ministry said an employee has been suspended over a data breach revealing details of interpreters in Afghanistan. #World 

Scientists have discovered another clue to the origins of the virus that causes Covid-19#Covid19 

@PresElectBiden : To fight this pandemic, we need a collective act of science and political will. Already, the United States has put more than $15 billion toward the global COVID #UNGA76esponse .

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UNHQ in New York lights up with images of marine species in an artistic call for #ClimateAction , global solidarity & harmony with nature. Find out more about @_ART2030 's Interspecies Assembly, a powerful art project at : #UNGA