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Harvard University Sold Apple and Facebook Stock — and Bought Alphabet

The slide coincides with the aftermath of the 2008 global slump and the sharp Left Turn that UPAII executed in its economic policies by letting non-merit subsidies on things like petrol to burgeon. Confidence never recovered as team brought in by Modi ji made everything worse.

The idea of pound parity suddenly seems less far-fetched

Over the next year, Coca-Cola plans to unveil new Dasani packaging and products, including aluminum cans and bottles, "How2Recycle" labels and improved Dasani water coolers

Stop putting that idea on the back-burner. Here's how you can start a business with less than $1,000 and minimal effort. via @CNBCMakeIt 

Coke is putting its Dasani water into aluminum cans

Some European countries are scrapping income tax for young people to bring more skilled workers in.

“The reversal of population trends is a paradigm shift of the first order and one that is almost completely unrecognized.”

You only have so much energy. Get rid of the people that only want something from you and drain your tank - The ones where the conversation is always one way and they never ask how you are doing.