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Chairman of the Twitter Federal Reserve, star of CNBC's The Halftime Report, CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management

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Dow Jones perks up into the close
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Trump asserts three chipmunks standing on each others shoulders in a trench coat may have voted in Florida.
In 2019, we’ll be adding a few more wealth management professionals and client-facing advisors in new cities around the country.

Rock stars only. Our clients have high expectations.

If you think that’s you, tell us here:

Two-sentence note just now from Art Cashin. You might want to root for a Dow close above 25,000.
It’s important to remember the story of how Peter Navarro became Trump’s advisor on trade policies. Jared did a search on Amazon and found the most insane book he could.

They started with an opinion and then hunted for information that would back it up. Are you not entertained?
Everyone's reading this dope ass post from @morganhousel and they're not wrong!

Who has the highest Bitcoin price target on earth right now?
When they say “It’s just math.” It’s never just math.
When stocks spend a few weeks not going up, people start selling them out of boredom. There’s no reason to try to guess why rallies are failing. Why is unanswerable.
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