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Downtown Josh Brown

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Can I take money from my IRA to cope with the economic slowdown? Yes! What about my 401(k)? Yup! Here's how it all affects you. Everything you need to know in this handy Q&A we've created. Share with friends and family.

Op-Ed: Here’s how to safely take money from your retirement account under stimulus bill via @CNBC 

How to safely take money from your retirement account now

When I hear NFL news, it's like a briefing from another planet

What small businesses need to know about accessing forgivable loans

I got people in town around my age with tubes in them to breathe. Not doing well with this.

I just want to ask for prayers up for Peter@EinsteinoWallSt  - he’s in hell right now


This is the new standard answer that everyone should give about Coronavirus in the financial media. I’ll start.

Fyrefest, but you had no choice, and it's the whole country.

Trump took the COVID-19 test. Highest score ever.

RT if this was your living room back in the dayy

A man walks into a bank wearing a mask. Everyone freaks out. "Relax," he says, "I'm just here to rob the place."

According to University of Chicago, social distancing is actually BENEFITING THE ECONOMY. We're potentially saving $8 trillion (or $60,000 per household) by not overwhelming hospitals and killing each other. How about that?